What could be more important than improving sales and your customer relationships?


Today, there is a fast-growing movement for improving customer-centricity through a better understanding of customer interactions and  touch-points.


The goal of eMarketing is to implement a series of relevant influential actions to enhance customer experiences, and as a result, improve customer relationships, so organizations can improve market share, sales, and customer loyalty and advocacy.

Sales & Marketing Strategies

Selling Tools & Techniques

Improving sales results begins with improving sales talent. Selling tools and techniques is that critical edge, to get better sales results faster. We provide quick start selling support training and tools.

  • Sales Accelerator Training Program consists of 5 online interactive sales training modules.
  • Instant Expertise Flip Scripts provide finger-tip access to fast, effective telemarketing techniques.
  • Sales Funnel Strategy quantifies customer qualification, and increases readiness to purchase.
Permission Marketing Interactions

Permission marketing is the privilege (not the right) of delivering anticipated, personal and relevant messages to people who actually want to get them. We provide Permission Marketing Services.

Interactive Simulations engage customer participation through online marketing interactions.
Knowledge Now interactions provide quick email knowledge nuggets with helpful information.
Referral Rewards programs provide incentives to new customer acquisition and retention.

Customer Touch-Points

Customer touch-Points engage in targeted communication, to exchange information, provide services, or handle transactions. We provide a series of customer follow-up tools and techniques.

  • Email Marketing Management for a tractable and measurable customer communication.
    Touch-Point Roadmap for customer conversion, through an automated sales follow-up process.
    Blended Delivery Strategies, with email, snail mail, lumpy mail, special express, invitations, and more.