eLEARNING - Interactive Online Education... A Simple as A, B, C

Online Corporate Universities

eINOV8 specializes in design, development, and deployment of Online Corporate Universities, accessible "anytime, anywhere" with access to e-Learning content for certification and compliance. Corporate Universities create a community culture, where every student becomes a teacher.

Interactive Internet Courseware

Flexible delivery vehicles and rapid deployment tools, eINOV8 online courses are designed to stimulate and spark the imagination, as well as deepen understanding in real world scenarios and solutions. "Knowledge Now" is extremely valuable to companies, vital for peak performance, and essential for success.

Learning Management Systems

The eINOV8 LMS (Learning Management System) is the brain behind Online Universities, that trains, tests, and tracks all employee training activity. The eINOV8 LMS helps define WHAT each person must know, and HOW they should best learn it.

LMS Infrstructure