Social Media Marketing Services

Social Media Marketing Services

Social media optimization increases brand awareness by integrating targeted social media tools to create a loyal following. We have a four step process to optimize social media communication... Attract, Engage, Convert, Monitor.

  • Attract people through valuable content and create brand awareness.
  • Engage followers by providing relevant solutions to common concerns.
  • Convert followers into customers through specific calls to action.
  • Monitor the progress from engagement to conversion, and grow loyalty.
Social Campaigns

Social Media Campaigns are essential to corporate storytelling on a pre-determined customer touch point roadmap. We have a four step Permission Marketing process to optimize social media campaigns... Target, Execute, Measure, Re-Engage.

Target your audience and messaging, then create a series of relevant customer touch points.
Execute a social campaign that is designed for a series of engagements and feedback.
Measure metrics of customer engagement, and adjust messaging to achieve objectives.
Re-Engage customers with targeted communications, and calls to action.

Social Tools

Social medial tools are the delivery vehicles that make the difference between engaging communication and unwanted online chatter. We utilize four proven primary social media tools for Evaluation, Education, Permission, and Interaction.

  • Evaluation Surveys to assess customer requirements and desires, to refine profiles.
    Education Modules online on relevant issues and new information adoption.
    Permission Marketing emails delivered on a consistent revolving schedule.
    Interaction Multimedia experiences, engage the customer for maximum attention.