A Few Words About Us

eINOV8 (e-Innovate) is a culmination of 30 years of experience in Corporate Training and Employee Education from 3 previous corporations founded by Karl Newman.

A 30 year dedication to Corporate Training has brought Karl Newman and his company, eINOV8, Inc. to the forefront of Corporate Content Development and Rapid e-Learning technology. Karl has been on the Front-Lines of Corporate Education in almost every aspect of the training business.

eINOV8 - A full service Corporate Consulting and Development firm specializing in Interactive Online Education, Social Media Integration, Multi-Media Presentations, and Sales & Marketing Strategies.
eINOV8 2012-Present
Innoventions 1997-2012
Innoventions - A Corporate Education and Performance Consulting firm with a strong track record of "Re-Inventing Innovation" by developing high performance training strategies.
Innoventions 1997-2012
Training Innovations1991-1997
Training Innovations provided Sales & Management Consulting Services with Corporations doing over $100 Million in annual revenues, Enhancing Employee Performance.
Training Innovations 1991-1997
Innovative Training 1985-1991
ITS - A nationally recognized provider of Corporate training, specializing in Management Enhancement, Sales Advancement, and Personal Development.
Innovative Training 1985-1991